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UUJMC End of Year Trip 2014 + AGM Results by rockaroller on Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:52 am
End of Year Trip Report 2014
Burren Dales

This end of year trip comprised of a small group of individuals, 4 in-total reducing to 3 before the end. This didn’t compromise the eventfulness of the trip however nonetheless.

Day 1.
The usual coming together, from all corners of NI we converged on the west coast of Ireland to a new location, known simply as ‘The Burren’ (Galway bay). John bae headed down early Monday to catch a few rays while checking out the bouldering and caves of Doolin while the rest of us arrived late at the campsite opposite Ballyryan. It was approaching the midnight hour before setting up of tents had been accomplished with eager anticipation of the following 3 days ahead.

Day 2 Brought the arduous 5 min walk-in from the campsite and the first climbs of the trip fall, starting out easy on a few severs and HS’s for John and Myself with Jess and Conor offering to perfect their lead belaying skills. It wasn’t long before half of the ballyryan crag had been climbed a...

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El Chorro 2014 by rockaroller on Tue May 06, 2014 12:23 pm
Conor Begley

Attendees (13):
John Geary
Gareth Brown
Jonny Hill
Conor Begley
Laura Witherspoon
Jess Hussain
Stephanie Molloy
Ashley Rhinehardt
Kentyn Kaplan
Yvonne Li
Su Jin Poh
Jen Goodwin
Amanda Eriksson

El Chorro Sports Climbing Trip
"Blood: /noun./ substance commonly used to mark a climbing route."

Day one got off to a funny start for Gareth, Jonny, Conor, Laura, Jess and Ashley. They opted to get the Bus to Dublin for a 9.30 flight to Malaga, but were slightly delayed in picking up John in Newry as the bus driver decided to have a wee 10 minute lye in. The rest of the international crew had decided to meet them at the airport and spent the previous night in Dublin giving them the opportunity to understand the culture of the city and the real pain of being hung-over on a 3 hour flight. The flight touched down hard and the next port of call was car hire. Three brand new Meganes were rented and chauffeured by Gareth (Jeremy Clarkson), John (Richard Hammond) and...

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Scotland 2014 by rockaroller on Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:51 am
Gareth Brown
Alistair McCoy
Conor Begley
John Geary
Jonathan Graham
Laura Witherspoon
Stephanie McKenna

Winter walking skills
Ice climbing (indoor + outdoor)
Rock climbing (routes + bouldering)

The annual Scottish Winter Mountaineering Trip started earlier for some than others. Alistair, Conor and myself (Gareth) headed over to the rugged highlands of Scotland several days early, to take full advantage of the skiing to be had during the winter conditions. Our party of three had quite different levels of ability and experience from complete beginner to fairly experienced.

We started our expedition from the shores of Ireland at Belfast’s Stenaline where Alistair kindly volunteered to drive. With playlists at the ready after disembarking from the ferry terminal we all got settled into the 5h drive across Scotland to the Cairngorms. At Aviemore we picked up ski hire and food for the bunkhouse which is situated just 20 minutes away in a nice village called G...

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Lake District (24th June til 3rd July 2013) by rockaroller on Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:11 pm
Gareth Brown
Alistair McCoy

So the trip started off quite early Monday morning with the boat then leaving 07:30. The jeep was packed the night before and the 3h drive down from Cairnryan to the Lakes began with 9 nights camping awaiting us upon arrival at Low Wray campsite.

The climbing began in the morning with the Raven Crag (second one at Langdale, turns out there is quite a few Raven Crags), There we met loads of climbers who shared their local knowledge of which crags to visit and avoid. It was also quite nice seeing other enthusiastic climbers about even on a Monday morning.
Alistair took the first pitch of the first route of the trip leading Centipede (S) and once we quickly dispatched with that it was my turn and I decided to climb the overhung Revelation (HS) in one pitch where I could certainly feel the rope drag and wondering why I was doing it in one.
After this was Mendes -, 4C, 4A, which then set the pace for the rest of the trip of multi-pitch VS 4c’s.

Now a...

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Scotland 2013 by rockaroller on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:49 am
Gareth Brown
John Geary
Alistair McCoy
Mark Breen
James Hella
Mark Homes
Vincent Walsh
Clare Bradley
Clodagh Laffey
Kathrine McCartan
Partick Poland
Ryan Campbell
Grant Aicken

Andy Porter
Jonny Parr

15-19th March 2013 (Fri-Tue, St Paddy weekend)

Our Scottish adventures always fall on St Paddy’s weekend, which are a few weeks after Varsities. As usual, we where all up early to meet Mark (our designated driver for the trip) at the two Rendez-Vous points at 05:30 and 06:00. This kicked the early weekend off to a good start with most people still looking half asleep as we pulled into stenaline. Once onboard and a bit of food inside us, we all livened up a bit and the excitement was really starting to build due to the reports of good ice in the cairngorms.

Once off the ferry we had the short drive over to ASDA to fill up on some sugary sweets for the remaining 6h drive to Aviemore. When we got on the road again Ryan assumed role as DJ and kept us all entertained f...

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