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- August 2014
UUJMC End of Year Trip 2014 + AGM Results
   Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:52 am

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UUJMC End of Year Trip 2014 + AGM Results

Permanent Linkby rockaroller on Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:52 am

End of Year Trip Report 2014
Burren Dales

This end of year trip comprised of a small group of individuals, 4 in-total reducing to 3 before the end. This didn’t compromise the eventfulness of the trip however nonetheless.

Day 1.
The usual coming together, from all corners of NI we converged on the west coast of Ireland to a new location, known simply as ‘The Burren’ (Galway bay). John bae headed down early Monday to catch a few rays while checking out the bouldering and caves of Doolin while the rest of us arrived late at the campsite opposite Ballyryan. It was approaching the midnight hour before setting up of tents had been accomplished with eager anticipation of the following 3 days ahead.

Day 2 Brought the arduous 5 min walk-in from the campsite and the first climbs of the trip fall, starting out easy on a few severs and HS’s for John and Myself with Jess and Conor offering to perfect their lead belaying skills. It wasn’t long before half of the ballyryan crag had been climbed and confidence was high. That night saw (Mine and Alistairs) proper 6 man family tent pitched and the portable BBQ lit from and maintained by firewood, (No charcoal here, not yet anyway). One of the ongoing jokes of the trip was that John believed (and still does until he read this) that the big tent was Jess’s. After a good feed and reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages the wood was piled on the BBQ and the craic started. We were all huddled around the fire for warmth that night to our mistake. We all ended up with rather holey fleeces, shorts and boulder mats from fire sparks, much to Conors dismay he continually found more holes in his club fleece the day after. Once the fire died down the AGM took place and the new committee was decided upon including some key actions. AGM minutes can be found on the Forum.

President – Gareth Brown
VP – Conor Begley
Treasurer – Jess Hussain
H+S - Laura Witherspoon
Training officer + Web Master – Alsitair McCoy
Gear Officer – John Geary

Day 3 was a chilling morning with everyone waking slowly and taking in the sunrise and feeling the effects of the night before. After a late breakfast we took a stroll to check out the infamous Adelaide cliffs 10-15 min walk away while boulder hoping and general horseplay along the coastline. After returning back we headed on out to the Doolin Bouldering area that John was at a couple of days ago. This is where we had discoved a quartz mine running well over 40m where railway tracks had been installed and everything. On the way back we got a bite to eat for lunch at a local pub and picked up stuff for the BBQ as well. After a bit of motivating and the departure of John, we thought we had better earn our dinner and headed back out to Ballyryan for a few climbs, seeing both Conor and Jess do their first leads of the trip.
The BBQ was less successful this evening as the wind has picked up a little too much despite our attempts of creating a windbreak.

The last day (Day 4) saw us finish all the routes at Ballyryan and Jess and Conor continue to knock out the leads going well towards their SPA logbook.

I would like to thank everyone that came down and we certainly got the weather for it, clear blue sky’s every day and the crowds of tourist were unbelievable.


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