Club History

UUJMC stands for University of Ulster Jordanstown Mountaineering Club

Jordanstown has a long history of mountaineering and the current club came about from a resurection of badness which happened in 1998. The guilty parties involved in bringing the club back to life were Dave Carlisle & JP Quinn

Club Membership

Club membership consists of a band of reprobates (aka ex-jtown students) together with a healthy number of current students. We have a large number of international fans from countries such as Germany, Bavaria, America, Australia and Spain

Presidential Hall of Fame

Past presidents of the club include:

  • The Aforementioned Mr Dave Carlisle 1998-1999 (Dave didn't sleep for the whole year, now that's dedication...)
  • The Aforementioned Mr JP Quinn 1999-2001 (All climbing trips were actually expeditions to search for leprechauns)
  • Johnny Conroy 2001-2002 (Congratulations for the highest abuse of power we've ever seen, Johnny put Bill Clinton to shame)
  • Chloe Hamilton 2002-2003 (We all said an all female committee wouldn't work, but it did! there wasn't an un-cleaned plate in the place...)
  • Sharon McGuigan 2003-2004 (Winner of the crazy laugh of the year award 2004)
  • Colm Kelly 2004-2005 (He was the Captain of our ship (of our ship)...)
  • Paul Conlon 2005-2006
  • Ryan Hurson 2006-2007
  • Joan McAleer 2007-2008
  • Anthony Grant 2008-2009
  • Claire Flanagan (Fla) 2009-2010
  • Patrick Poland 2010-2011
  • Fiona McManus 2011-2012
  • Ryan Campbell 2012-2013

Club Traditions

The club in its usual craziness has a wide range of dodgy traditions some of which are:

  • Singing
  • Cardboard Box Game
  • Table Wrestling
  • Nudity - see Johnny Conroy above

The Future

Who know what happens next, just get out there and do it

p.s. if anyone wants to correct my lies feel free - Markvader